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When service is good, but not great, customers don’t complain… they just walk away with a little less love and a little more curiosity about your competitors. Great service is about truly connecting with customers to build repeat and referral business. It is a daily challenge, demanding a disciplined approach to fundamentals, coaching and team building.

We provide our clients with tools to keep staff focused and motivated to deliver great service, measuring and evaluating customer experiences through mystery shopping, customer feedback and benchmarking programs. Our clients are passionate about their service cultures and our programs are a key element of their best practices.

The ServiceSense Difference:

  • Programs designed to be Fair, Credible and Actionable.
  • 20-year experience partnering with clients to grow & franchise their concepts.
  • Raising awareness to the small details that make a big difference to customers.
  • Capturing customers’ perspectives without the negative bias that can come through social media.

Our Team:
Founded in 1995, we are an owner-operated company specializing in Mystery Shopping and Customer Feedback programs. Our founders have spent a combined 40 years in Hospitality Sales and Operations Management. We have the depth of experience to understand our clients’ culture and operations.

Our Evaluators:
Our evaluators aren’t just mystery shoppers, they are your customers. We specialize in recruiting evaluators who fit our clients’ demographics. This makes for more authentic feedback. The way we recruit, schedule, prepare and then personally follow up with our evaluators is what sets us apart from our competition. Our team is 5,000 strong, and spans the country.

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Q: Why do you like working with ServiceSense?
A:  Their personal touch….they understand the difference between a great score and a great guest experience.

Q: What do they do for you?
A: …provide clarity and a basis for great conversation between team members and leaders.

Q: How are they different from other companies?
A: They provide intelligence, insight and engagement with our brand – and that level of intimate involvement and knowledge is priceless.

David E. Goldstein, Chief Operating Officer
Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill
Westlake Village, CA

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