Program Features


  • On-Site Mystery Shopping
  • Telephone/E-Commerce Shops
  • B2B Shops
  • Competitor/Benchmarking Research
  • Customer Touch Audit


  • Custom report design, clearly defined performance measures
    and standards
  • Web-based reporting, easy to navigate, accessible 24/7
  • Shoppers recruited to match customer demographic
  • Shopper scenarios, rotation and schedule varied to provide
    a full range of experiences
  • Richly detailed comments describing start to finish customer experience in every report

Our Guarantee:

  • Credible: Providing enough detail and context to fully understand
    the situation
  • Actionable: Offering a clear direction for corrective action
  • Fair: Accounting for, and disclosing shopper opinion
  • Any report that does not meet these standards will be clarified or replaced at no cost



“…Engaging ServiceSense has given us a structure of how to provide and, more importantly, measure exceptional customer service.  What has been most eye opening for me is the impact your program has had on our business results.  The stores that have improved on their mystery shopping are the same stores that have had increasing sales.  This information is extremely valuable to me as the owner, and to my management team….”

Christa Hagearty, President
Dependable Dry Cleaners
Quincy, MA


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