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Client Spotlight – Zoup! Fresh Soup Company

Listening & Learning

If you’re in business today, you’re collecting customer experience data, either deliberately or through review sites, social media posts or website analytics. But are you collecting the right data and making the most of what you’re hearing?

We can help identify key threads and curate insights and data so you can understand your customers’ expectations and discover how to connect with them on their terms.


Zoup! Fresh Soup Company – Southfield, MI
85 Locations
ServiceSense Client since 2004

“During a time of tremendous growth, we have turned to ServiceSense to help safeguard and leverage the fundamentals of the Zoup! culture and brand. Through the Customer Satisfaction metrics they provide, our franchisees get comprehensive customer satisfaction insights that are easy to understand, relevant and actionable.”

Eric Ersher

CEO & Founder, Zoup! Fresh Soup Company

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