Mystery Shopping

A Positive Approach
We believe that successful mystery shopping happens for staff, not to staff. Our approach is a departure from traditional mystery shopping aimed at "testing" staff and catching people doing things wrong.

Our programs are a management tool: a framework for measuring customer service in each location and for coaching and motivating staff. Our programs become an integral part of our clients' team culture and growth strategy to keep staff and franchisees focused on the service fundamentals as well as small details that make a big difference to customers.


“…We continue to be impressed with the integrity of the ServiceSense program.  Your ongoing commitment to recruit, train, and rotate shoppers truly shows through in your reports.  Your reports are thorough, relevant, and written with a clear understanding of our service standards.  On the rare occasion when an operator needs clarification on a report, you’ve been quick to go back to your shoppers to get the clarification that we need.   This adds to the overall credibility of the program with our field staff….” 

Pete Whitwell, Chief Quality Officer
The Habit Burger Grill
Irvine, CA

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