Mystery Shoppers



Wondering if this is a Scam?

Did someone send you a check, or offer to, and you’re wondering if it is legit? Did they ask you to buy something and send it to them? Someone has been using our name, pretending to be us, and offering the target a “I can’t believe how good this is" type offer. Any offer of this type is not from us and is not legitimate. It is a SCAM and if you do what they say -- you will lose money.

CLICK HERE to read about these type scams at the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

ServiceSense has built a distinguished reputation by providing our clients with consistent, high quality information.

While we hold our evaluators to the highest standard, we are uncompromising in our commitment to treating you ethically, professionally and with respect.

Our assignments are straightforward, with an emphasis on customer service, both standards assessment and experience.

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As a ServiceSense Mystery Shopper, you can expect...

Thorough, accurate and streamlined instructions.

Straightforward reports.

Courteous scheduling and timely response to your questions.

Appreciation for your work.

Timely and accurate payment.

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